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Salaries, Negotiating, and Knowing Your Worth
Tuesday, June 18, 2024, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT
Category: National Webinars

Money! It plays such an integral role in our lives today, but is often a source of stress and anxiety. Part of the challenge is we are taught not to discuss money or that money should be a secondary priority. What if we had a way to feel empowered when thinking about money, especially as it relates to our careers? If we consider money as a tool that we can control, rather than something that controls us, it can become a powerful mechanism to provide us with the financial freedom to build the career and life we want. It all starts with knowing your worth and knowing you can champion yourself.

In this webinar, Professional Speaker and STEM Career Coach Alaina G. Levine will engage in a frank conversation about money and power. We will address how to look at money as a tool, how to establish your worth, and how to approach money as it relates to career advancement, job searches, and salary negotiation. We will provide a framework for you to get started today to achieve your professional and financial goals, and most importantly, to use money as a way to create Your Unicorn CareerTM: the customized, authentic career that brings you joy, meaning, AND MONEY.


Live captioning and a video recording will be available. This webinar is $29 for non-membersNot a member? Consider joining AWIS and register for FREE:

Meet the Speaker

Alaina G. Levine is an award-winning professional speaker, STEM career coach, science writer, corporate comedian, TEDx speaker, speaking coach, and author of 2 books: Networking for Nerds (Wiley), which was named a Top 5 Book of 2015, and the forthcoming Create Your Unicorn Career!. She is the President of Quantum Success Solutions, and travels the world as a keynote speaker, sharing how scientists and engineers can craft customized, joyous, and authentic Unicorn Careers. Levine has delivered 900+ speeches, workshops, and webinars, and has spoken on 5 continents for clients in 15 nations.

She is also a prolific science journalist and columnist, and her hundreds of articles have appeared in Science, Nature, Scientific American, National Geographic News Watch, World Economic Forum, and Smithsonian. Previously, she wrote the “Your Unicorn Career” column for Science Magazine.

As a coach, she helps scientists create their Unicorn Careers and improve their public speaking skills to increase influence, impact, and fat stacks of funding; a recent project involved coaching teams of faculty at a university that were vying for $120M in grants from the NSF and NIH and providing itch coaching to students participating in a national NASA pitch competition.

Levine studied at the American University in Cairo as a US Department of Defense Boren Fellow, and holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and anthropology from the University of Arizona, where as a student, she was an award-winning billiards champion, representing the UA at national pool tournaments under her moniker, Lady Dyn-o-mite.